Like an Alien in my Own Country

Politically Uninhibbited…

This is the place where political views are to be expressed without reservation.  Remember this is a blog, and these are my theories and thoughts…live…and I will not hold back.  If you are offended in any way, please post your feelings, but do not expect me to accept them as I do not expect you to respect or accept my views!!!


Capitalism in Peril…

Earthlings…hear this, your economic system is in peril!  Try something new!

Blurring the Line in the Sand…

Canada is country of plenty, but why do we have so little?  We see people from either sides of the spectrum…from those that have a lot and hyper-consume, to those whom have very little and try to make every dollar count.  A society that has too much, but refuses to share or believes that those that are not as lucky as them usually are not hard-working and deserve what they get.  You may be thinking right now, one of two things…he has a good point or, what a Pinko!  Remember, these are my thoughts and ideas that are taken from my experiences in other places outside of and while living in Canada.

I see countries that we regard as poor or in a sad state, as having more possibilities than we do.  I see Cuba as one of these examples, where many people believe that they are poor or have it difficult because of the system they live under.  Then why do we not provide for our poor and weak like they do.  Every child has the availability to a healthy breakfast, never has fear of their stomachs going empty, but here in British Columbia we allow such high rates of childhood poverty.  Many children allowed to live with the fear of hunger, living in poor conditions.  Isn’t British Columbia rich enough to take care of and feed its most vulnerable members, whom we all will one day want to lead us into prosperity?

I have first hand experience with many of these children and their parents.  It is often not the case that they do not have the money to properly take care of their children, but it is where their priorities often lie.  It is shameful that we often allow schools or social programs to dip in to their own budgets to feed, clothe and equip some of these children.  When children interact with one another, in for instance a school or community, one often sees these kids with very unhealthy lunches or snacks, because that is what the parents can afford.  They also seem to have no money for clothes or time for hygiene.  The parents are often trying their best, but because of media or the political culture of the day, they are living the way they know how…or in other words living their free life?

Or is it a free life?  Where is the blurred line between the freedoms afforded an individual, the freedoms of the whole society and the freedoms allotted large corporations and businesses.  When one of those freedoms infringes upon anothers…is it really freedom.  This is where this society sometimes falls short, because freedom must have some bounds…where is the line drawn?  For instances, the family that gives their children unhealthy snacks, why can they not be more health conscious?  Is it because the production of these food has led o them being so cheap?  Or is it the ingredients that make it inexpensive and tantalizing?  Or is it the marketing schemes that make them a necessary evil?  How can we shift the consumers thinking or is it the thinking of the governments that need changing or that of the business world?

The first shift that I believe will change everyone’s purchasing power is in the grass-roots movement that is going on in the homes of many thoughtful individuals around this world.  Where they have made a concerted effort to buy and support local business that have a sustainable plan.  They have turned away from many of these big box stores that use their purchasing power to shut out small local businesses.  Their has been recent literature driving this movement like “The Hundred Kilometer Diet”, but this is only one step along a journey that is thousands of kilometers long.

The next shift that is necessary will come from the business world, but that will not happen without a movement from the government.  I believe it is their job to hold them accountable and force the paradigm shift from that of profit and destruction to one of symbiosis.  Governments could start by making the junk food more expensive and those ingredients that lead away from a healthy life style, less attractive through the use of the media.  This would not only benefit them, but also their coffers…a higher tax on junk food, tax breaks to promote locally produced healthy foods and advertisements and or literature depicting the healthy side of life rather than idealizing the unhealthy.  This will give everyone a fighting chance at a healthy solution and draw a line in the sand for those whose job is to promote and make money off of unhealthy lifestyle.

From one inhabitant to another…



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