Like an Alien in my Own Country

The Ills of Earthling Social Media…
November 4, 2010, 12:47
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This video had a lot to say about Earthling relationships and the net, but how can they be so dependent on social media when they are social beings that depend on contact?  Take a look at this old school video it is a laugh!!!


Searching the Myriad of Resources
November 2, 2010, 22:24
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Being able to narrow a search is very pertinent to all research!  When using a search engines other capabilities it can make your information pop out of the web a lot faster, but creating a good query can be the best way to get your perfect article. We are inundated with one possibility after another, which can quickly become overwhelming.  When doing a search using one of the many search engines, without the proper query or use of the right tools, your search results may number the  in hundreds of millions.  By using the right words, narrowing your search and using the tools afford you in the search engine, your results can be more effective and save many hours looking at worthless webpages.  So the next time you use a search engine, ensure that you have taken the time to enter a focussed query and narrow your search or use the tools provided.



The Era of Digital Savagery!
November 1, 2010, 18:25
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After reading a number of articles, blogs and Marc Prensky’s article I have come to the conclusion that ‘Digital Natives’ are more like Digital Savages.  They have the drive to use the technology, but usually it is for all the wrong reasons.  They get the latest gadgetry merely out of necessity, so that they do not lose face in front of their peers.  The gadget’s they own may make them look savvy, totting the latest i-phone or playing with the latest high-tech gimmick, but do they really understand the power that they wield.  They use many apps. that simplify what they would like to do, but are they really using the technology efficiently and effectively.  Do their brains think and work like ours…maybe not, but they need to be taught how it works, what helps to engage it and how they can engage the technology to help them to be connectivists and activists instead of consumers, facebookers, tweeters, texters and gamers!  The only way they can switch from using their opposable thumb to put an end to Darth Vader is by teaching them how to use the technology properly and show them real world examples of how they can use these applications in their daily lives!

It is also important that they learn the ethics behind the technology, or even society in general.  I have noticed that maybe the use of too much technology and not enough of their own facilities, has led to them being less respectful and less empathetic.

Who is really the Alien here?

Humble Beginnings…
October 31, 2010, 00:59
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I have not come from a background in technology, but for some reason I have an affinity for the use of these logical machines.  As a teacher, entering into his seventh year in the public system, I am limited to the amount of devices that I use as apart of my teaching, but I am also limited by the availability for devices at a school and district level.

As a teacher, I have been from one extreme to the other.  I began, like most a a Teacher on-call and was lucky to get a lot of work and a  one day a week continuing position in my first year.  I then got a full time position at the start of my second year which meant teaching music, library, resource, technology and a kindergarten grade 1 split.  I continued that way until my third year, where I then decided to take on a grade 4/5 split for two years and then the position I am in right now (grade 3/4 split).

My vision as a teacher has always been quite simple.  I have always wanted the best for my students and am always working hard towards best practices and deepening their understanding of all that we do in school!


Something needs an Alien touch…


What is inquiry?
October 14, 2010, 05:50
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Inquiry is a method in which teachers reflect on their practice, are able to question the way that they presently deliver curricula and put thoughts into new innovative lessons.  It is able to drive our ideas and wonderings as teaching professionals.  It moves the wonderings from the developmental stages of our sub-conscience, through various implementation stages within our classroom, into the pedagogy that further drives the inquiry.  The notion that we should pull apart  our own teaching and gives us the tools to question and then leads us to thinking about our own thinking.  The inquiry delves into the heart of what we do and takes it apart piece by piece, so that we can improve and develop our personal toolkits.  In our class we have our scientific group which drives our questions, so that the results may have pedagogical merit.  This makes us accountable to the wonderings that began the whole process and ultimately accountable to the students that we are teaching.

Inquiry = Wonderings + New ideas +Pedagogy + Theory The mistakes

What is an Alien doing in this cohort?
October 14, 2010, 05:49
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Why am I here?  I ask that of myself daily…why am I on this earth?  Why am I in Canada?  Why am I at the school that I am, doing what I am doing?  Why am I crazy enough to take the Teaching Learners of the Twenty First Century (known from now on as TLTC)? The answer is…is not as cliché as the question.  I have been lucky and allow my passion, choices and eventual decisions to drive the adventure.  I have been through that proverbial hole in the earth to China and back, lead by my desire to experiment and take risks…instead of putting one foot into the water I like to dive in and then problem solve!  That is…I have not played with technology to the extent that I would like to and this is an avenue to invigorate my love for what is new and relevant to my teaching.  It is also an opportunity to take advancements that to them, are quite new, but fascinating (they are new only in the sense that they have not had many other possibilities to use them yet and most teaching is void of high-tech. inspiration).  Thus; the goal is to get that student, usually a boy, out of the hum drum village of Boresville, leaving it a ghost town!

As a member of a small learning community that is averse to change.  Our school consists of seven teachers, three education assistants and a Principal and the highest tech. gadgetry that we consistently use is the whiteboard or a digital video player.  I am already the technology guru for our community and have been for six years.  Change just does not happen with this group except within my class and I would like to be able to stir some kind of metamorphosis on even the most simplistic level.  If not a more techno-friendly approach at least enough comfort in the technology that we have in the computer lab or our smartboard, so that we are not always depending on administration for change.

Alien thinking from one corner of the building…

Hello Earthlings!!!
October 5, 2010, 01:29
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The art of starting a blog isn’t always fruitful, but the process can be a load off your mind!

Alien out of the starting blocks…