Like an Alien in my Own Country

Earthly Tech Footprint…

Communication Breakdown…

At the beginning of all of this, my communication footprint was somewhat simple and it seemed to meet my needs!  I have been using cellular technology for years, mainly out of necessity for my clients and for the ease of doing business.  I had to make communication less complicated, while being available to students needs to cancel or request classes almost anytime of the day.  I also needed to be cost-effective so I used what was called an S.M.S. or is now referred to as a text message.  Email was also an easy way to communicate, when letters took to long.  More recently we have been using Skype to make video calls and chat, but that is the extent of my footprint!

Tech in use…

Air-crafts, motor vehicles, listening devices, cellular communication devices, internet, video, digital projections, movie creation, digital photography, power point…Is all at my comfort level?  I like to take risks and do the same with children using them as a research tool…bouncing ideas off of them and trying new ideas with them, but I am also good at limiting these so that it is manageable.

New Technology that Brings it all Together!

Evernote – using sticky notes and reminders, creating lists and linking them from net and all tech at hand.

Delicious – storage system for bookmarks and documents so that you can organize and share…

Diigo – same idea as above, but using stickies…use of collaboration to grow your resources

Google Docs – collaboration tool that is simultaneous

Google Reader – feeds the rss out to your reader from a blog to your program

Voice Threads – collaborative tool that enables members to comment on video presentations or voice presentations…great tool for real-time collaboration and idea sharing

Technology for use in schools????

Should we ban cell phones and other technological advancements or should we provide them with the avenue to use them properly?  Our job as educators is to ensure that we are providing a safe nurturing environment where we can all learn and grow, but cyberspace is a realm in which one can stray away from the straight and narrow.  Society allows and wants the technology to grow and multiply, necessitates users from all walks of life to delve into this new world, but our system never provides the proper context, infrastructure and/or support for the technology of the day.  The corporations that develop these innovative means should also be held accountable and responsible to provide a safe computing environment and help schools to support themselves, but educators have become ultimately responsible for developing the conditions that are necessary for student’s safety.  Teachers are the ones who will lead these students into the future along with their parents and peers, so we are responsible to create the foundations and be pro-active enough to solve everything that is hurled at the world at the speed of technology?

What do I believe…make it feasible, viable and possible.  Districts need to support the technology and governments have to fund its implementation.  I believe we should not stifle, but also need to provide the proper direction for all.  For now the school must have a common belief system around these issues and should either disallow its’ use as a group, so as not to create problems amongst groups or allow it and discuss and teach proper how it should properly be used so that all can be successful.


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