Like an Alien in my Own Country

Inner Alien…

I entitled my work in such a way as to create suspicion to whom I really am. Although living most of my life in Canada, my heart is not here, but elsewhere. My years abroad have made me question the fabric of our being, thus questioning the values and morals of capitalistic democracies around the world. Is it the decadence or other extrinsic forces that have made our world so mad, leaving the people in such a state of turmoil. Many not knowing what is right or wrong and those that have stark beliefs, it is usually grounded in the brain washing movement of the day.

That brings me to my role…as Alien! I have come to question, ponder, reflect and tear apart the fabric that makes up this country I used to call home! So bring it on!!!

My Wandering from Planet to…

When teaching young children, after they are engaged, how can we get them to the next level and the epiphany or enlighten stage from a skill based or information based curricula?

The impact on our learning and teaching is that we can improve and realize what improved learning may look like and become, so that not only the teachers, but the kids think about their thinking…moving towards understanding what they are doing (metacognition).

Realizing what their learning is all about, making those outcomes more kid friendly can evolve so, that students take it upon themselves for example:

By asking how many ways to make 5…versus 2+3 = ?

Is this the Teacher I want to be…over the door…am I the student I want to be?


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What have I done…ventured into another cyberspace portal that will suck hours of my time and years off my life!

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