Like an Alien in my Own Country

Going an Alien’s Pace
January 16, 2011, 20:39
Filed under: Wonderings

In most districts, but especially the one I have surrounded myself with, there are a number of challenges that one must overcome.  Some have more difficulties than others, but the one I am writing about is quite unique.  Most who have been born where I work, also die here.  Very few want to leave or want any change.  That being the norm, it is no wonder that the availability of anything technical is an Alien concept.  If it is any indication to the speed that they are moving, for about twenty years they have been trying to get a new school built to replace one of the old, dilapidated ones and still haven’t managed to break ground.

There is no wonder that the twenty-first century learner will be hard pressed to grow his or her digital footprint as a student there.  The new trend is to use the idea of Universal Design For Learning…where the teacher builds lessons that have varying levels of engagement and assessment.  This being a new direction for the district, leaves them in the technological fray as the new catch phrase has become “individualized learning for the student of the 21st century”.  When it means the implementation of technology and ideas, then it will take a steering committee to guide all towards the path, let alone take them down the right one.  They may even need a star chart and a space ship, because all districts are headed for uncharted lands and for some it may seem like they were headed in to outer-space.

It takes one to know one…Alien to the journey


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