Like an Alien in my Own Country

The Era of Digital Savagery!
November 1, 2010, 18:25
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After reading a number of articles, blogs and Marc Prensky’s article I have come to the conclusion that ‘Digital Natives’ are more like Digital Savages.  They have the drive to use the technology, but usually it is for all the wrong reasons.  They get the latest gadgetry merely out of necessity, so that they do not lose face in front of their peers.  The gadget’s they own may make them look savvy, totting the latest i-phone or playing with the latest high-tech gimmick, but do they really understand the power that they wield.  They use many apps. that simplify what they would like to do, but are they really using the technology efficiently and effectively.  Do their brains think and work like ours…maybe not, but they need to be taught how it works, what helps to engage it and how they can engage the technology to help them to be connectivists and activists instead of consumers, facebookers, tweeters, texters and gamers!  The only way they can switch from using their opposable thumb to put an end to Darth Vader is by teaching them how to use the technology properly and show them real world examples of how they can use these applications in their daily lives!

It is also important that they learn the ethics behind the technology, or even society in general.  I have noticed that maybe the use of too much technology and not enough of their own facilities, has led to them being less respectful and less empathetic.

Who is really the Alien here?


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I really like your take on this; I find it descriptive without necessarily being pejorative.

Comment by socialsteacher

Hey Daniel,

You should check out my pages and tell me what you think about my Politically Uninhibited page where I will try to clear the air about my foriegn perspectives!


Comment by alientocanada

[…] to peruse.  In those first moments my thoughts were summed up in one of my first blog posts on Digital Savages and after reading Brumley’s post on No More Immigrants, my thoughts wander again.  There […]

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My first comments and one of the early posts that I love to refer back to all the time. It lays the ground work for some great discourse on technologically infused learning!

Comment by alientocanada

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