Like an Alien in my Own Country

Humble Beginnings…
October 31, 2010, 00:59
Filed under: Thoughts

I have not come from a background in technology, but for some reason I have an affinity for the use of these logical machines.  As a teacher, entering into his seventh year in the public system, I am limited to the amount of devices that I use as apart of my teaching, but I am also limited by the availability for devices at a school and district level.

As a teacher, I have been from one extreme to the other.  I began, like most a a Teacher on-call and was lucky to get a lot of work and a  one day a week continuing position in my first year.  I then got a full time position at the start of my second year which meant teaching music, library, resource, technology and a kindergarten grade 1 split.  I continued that way until my third year, where I then decided to take on a grade 4/5 split for two years and then the position I am in right now (grade 3/4 split).

My vision as a teacher has always been quite simple.  I have always wanted the best for my students and am always working hard towards best practices and deepening their understanding of all that we do in school!


Something needs an Alien touch…



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