Like an Alien in my Own Country

What is an Alien doing in this cohort?
October 14, 2010, 05:49
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Why am I here?  I ask that of myself daily…why am I on this earth?  Why am I in Canada?  Why am I at the school that I am, doing what I am doing?  Why am I crazy enough to take the Teaching Learners of the Twenty First Century (known from now on as TLTC)? The answer is…is not as cliché as the question.  I have been lucky and allow my passion, choices and eventual decisions to drive the adventure.  I have been through that proverbial hole in the earth to China and back, lead by my desire to experiment and take risks…instead of putting one foot into the water I like to dive in and then problem solve!  That is…I have not played with technology to the extent that I would like to and this is an avenue to invigorate my love for what is new and relevant to my teaching.  It is also an opportunity to take advancements that to them, are quite new, but fascinating (they are new only in the sense that they have not had many other possibilities to use them yet and most teaching is void of high-tech. inspiration).  Thus; the goal is to get that student, usually a boy, out of the hum drum village of Boresville, leaving it a ghost town!

As a member of a small learning community that is averse to change.  Our school consists of seven teachers, three education assistants and a Principal and the highest tech. gadgetry that we consistently use is the whiteboard or a digital video player.  I am already the technology guru for our community and have been for six years.  Change just does not happen with this group except within my class and I would like to be able to stir some kind of metamorphosis on even the most simplistic level.  If not a more techno-friendly approach at least enough comfort in the technology that we have in the computer lab or our smartboard, so that we are not always depending on administration for change.

Alien thinking from one corner of the building…


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This sure is a long entry. Is it an essay…it seems like one!

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